Sunday, 30 March 2014

Risk - Based Ship Design: (Part Two)

As a continuation to the first part of this series (click on the picture below for link), the second article of the series is focused on presenting the framework of risk based design process by taking an example of the safety framework of an ocean going ship. Also get to know, how the design decision making is limited to the initial concept design stage and the economic advantages to making most of the decision changes at the initial concept design stages. 

This article has also been presented through a prezi below. Please view in fullscreen for better view. Wait for the prezi to load before you can view it. You can either advance the slides manually or set it to automatic slideshow for ease. 


Article By: Soumya Chakraborty

Author's Note: This article is different from the first one, as in it gives you and insight as to how the risk scenarios are actually framed in the design process and analyzed accordingly. Thank You for reading. In case of any doubts or queries please comment. You may also write to

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